What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a comprehensive fitness program that combines gymnastics, high-intensity cardio, and weightlifting to yield undeniable results. CrossFit workouts are tailored to meet you wherever you’re at – whether you’re fresh off the couch, an elite athlete, or somewhere in
between, our coaches will work with you as an individual to make sure you’re getting the most out of our program.
Every day you walk into the gym, you get to do a fun and exciting workout with a variety of different movements. Our coaches lead you through warm ups, mobilization, and technical practice before the workout even begins to make sure your body and mind are good to go!

 What does a typical CrossFit class look like

Whiteboard brief

The group arrives and circles around the whiteboard at the front of the class. The coach will talk through the workout, the movements within it, the intended stimulus, and ideas for scaling.


The coach will lead the class through a warm-up to prepare for the workout. During this time the coach will assist even further with ensuring proper movement patterns are being achieved as well as locking in the proper scaled movements for the workout if necessary.

Skill practice, workout and cool down

The coach will lead the class through skill practice, typically related to the movements that appear later in the workout. Each workout is different. After the workout is performed you will cool down, stretch, and clean up.


Our On-Ramp program includes 4 one-on-one onboarding sessions. We will start by explaining and teaching you all the core movements you will see in CrossFit classes. We walk you through what to expect in classes and understanding the workouts as well as getting you familiar with the people, coaches and the day to day at the gym. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and excited to join your first class!

Want to learn more about Crossfit and our program? Schedule a Free No Sweat Intro with our Head CrossFit coach and join our community! You don’t have to “get in shape” to start Crossfit. Our program is for anyone!

OUR coaches

Ariel Casso


Coach Ariel is Crossfit 600's Head Crossfit Coach. She is a CrossFit Level 2 trainer as well as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. She has worked in Physical Therapy and is also certified in Burgener Strength L-1 Weightlifting. Coach Ariel loves watching her athletes achieve their goals and finally get that movement they've been working so hard to get. She truly believes that CrossFit helps her and her athletes live a fuller and more enriched life. You will see her working out at the club with her husband and her 4-year-old daughter.

I love traveling and live off of coffee, pizza, and ice cream. Balance, am I right?! My favorite thing to see in a CrossFit WOD is cleans and ab-mat sit-ups. I can’t make a mean face to save my life, but my mom look is on point! I love watching my athletes achieve their goals and finally get that movement they’ve been working so hard to get. CrossFit gives us an automatic community when the Air Force takes us to a new state or even country and I couldn’t be more thankful that it brought us here to Club600.

Matthew Smart


I have been doing CrossFit since 2016 and was first introduced to CrossFit by my wife who also decided to try it out. After the first class, I instantly fell in love with the challenge and the community.
In 2020, I decided to take my passion for CrossFit to the next level and earned my level 1 certification. I wanted to be able to share knowledge and experience with others and help them achieve their fitness goals.

CrossFit is not just a workout, but a lifestyle. I believe that CrossFit has the power to transform people’s lives by improving their physical fitness and mental well-being. I am dedicated to helping others discover the same passion and joy that I have found through CrossFit and giving back to the community that has given me so much.


Expert Coaches

All of our coaches must pass a rigorous certification process before leading CrossFit classes. This ensures that you stay safe and injury-free.


After a while you’ll find that our workouts feel like a game. Many of our clients say that they look forward to coming to the gym for the first time in their life.


CrossFit provides you with an instant network of training partners to hold you accountable and cheer you on when the going gets tough.


Our routines are constantly varied, so you can do them for years on end without plateauing. This is a routine you can stick to day in and day out, which will give you the results you’re looking for.

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