Teen Programs

At Club 600, we believe in nurturing a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. Engaging in regular exercise during adolescence not only contributes to physical well-being but also fosters essential habits for a lifetime. For teens, we emphasize the importance of strength and conditioning, especially for those involved in sports. Our specialized programs can cater to teens who are brand new to the gym, or sport-specific athletes, offering targeted training to enhance their performance and prevent injuries.

Mission Statement

Here at Club 600 we believe in empowering young individuals to cultivate healthy habits, build self-confidence, and embrace an active lifestyle. Through our comprehensive fitness program, we aim to inspire teens to prioritize their physical and mental well-being, laying a strong foundation for the future. We aim to help teens realize their strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve their fitness goals.


We offer 3 different levels of training for teens interested in improving their health and fitness. Each of these levels has its benefits and is mainly based on where each individual is starting. Level 1 is for our beginners, individuals who have never lifted a weight or haven’t trained consistently for more than 4 months. Level 2 is for beginners with baseline knowledge of the gym and its equipment. Level 3 is for individuals who have been training for 1 year plus and have specific goals in mind, or an athlete looking for sports-specific training.

Teen FitStart

Our Teen FitStart program consists of 4 Personal Training sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer, and are aimed to help teens navigate through their fitness journey effectively. Emphasizing education on proper technique, nutrition essentials, and personalized workout plans, these customized sessions serve as a foundation step toward building confidence and independence in the gym. For teens aged 16 and under, participation in this program is mandatory to join the gym, to ensure a safe and effective start in their fitness routine.

Teen Training Program

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On-Ramp Teen Program

Introducing our New On-Ramp Teen Program, designed for teens new to the gym. This program serves as an essential introduction to fitness, covering fundamental exercises, proper form, and the importance of a well-rounded workout routine. However, this program is not just tailored to teens new to fitness, we also have our FIt Start option that can be tailored to more experienced lifters and athletes. This program is about more than just physical exercise; it’s about instilling confidence, discipline, and a positive attitude toward health and fitness while being safe and smart.

Program Highlights

  • Foundational Workouts: Mastering the basics of strength training and conditioning.

  • Education on Healthy Habits: Understanding the importance of nutrition and recovery.

  • Skill Development: Learning proper techniques for a variety of exercises.

  • Goal Setting: Setting achievable fitness goals for a sustainable and lifelong journey.

On-Ramp Teen Program Requirement

Our facility offers an On-Ramp Teen program for anyone looking for personalized training whether you are just starting or have specific goals in mind. We prioritize the development of our younger members, providing them with the tools to build a strong foundation both physically and mentally. Any teen under the age of 16 joining our gym is required to complete the On-Ramp Teen Program. This ensures that they receive the proper guidance and education needed to kickstart their fitness journey in a safe and effective manner

Strength and Conditioning for Sports-Specific Athletes

Our personalized strength and conditioning programs are designed to meet the unique needs of teen athletes. Whether they’re aspiring soccer players, track and field enthusiasts, or involved in any other sport, our expert trainers focus on developing agility, power, and endurance. We believe that a strong foundation in fitness during the formative years can significantly impact athletic success and overall well-being.

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